Saturday, December 13, 2014

Boardwalk Empire: StoryBoards, season 4. (part 2)

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More boards from episode 1, New York Sour, season 4; scenes 32 & 33.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Storyboards: Boardwalk Empire, season 4. (part 1)

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It has been my personal and professional good fortune to have had the opportunity to storyboard for Tim Van Patten on Boardwalk Empire.  Tim approached me early into production on season 4 to do some boarding for Boardwalk.  I was then working as a scenic artist on the show, (and continued to until the end of the show's run this last Fall) when I was able to straddle the infrequent storyboard needs of season 4.

The storyboards published here are for scenes 1 and 2 of episode 1, New York Sour.

Monday, November 24, 2014

digital painting...

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These illustrations, studies, concepts, result from my foray earlier in the year with digital painting.  Admittedly rendered in Photoshop CS2, on a Wacom tablet dating from around the same time as the software.

* The three initial images are character concepts of figures involved in the IV Crusade as Chronicled by Villehardouin.

Monday, September 15, 2014

hand drawn and painted comic automatism, 2012-14.

Three more specimen of comic automatism, with distinctly different styles and the introduction of color.  Began in the late summer of 2012 and resumed in the late summer of this year.

All drawings ink, wash and acrylic on illustration board; dimensions variable.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Comic Page Automatism, selected, 2012.

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 All works 12" x 15", layout pencil, ink, and wash on illustration board.

Sometime spring or summer, 2012, I produced these drawings.  The form, the elements of composition, for a comic page is of course germane to sequential pictorial narrative.  In this way I felt as though to exercise the automatism, or practice of automatic writing, from surrealist poetics, would be a closer association with the process of creating these pictures, than that of the surrealist painters and their visual jargon for the dreamscape.  Imagery determined itself from unconscious projections.  Or what some would simply call drawing intuitively and without being conscious of a subject.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Brush and Ink with Wash Drawings, 2006-7.

These drawings date from summer 2006 and re-arise briefly in summer 2007.  They were developed during breaks after an enthusiastic run of oil painting.

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God fears the Christian 1. 2006.

Reprise. 2006.

In the Year of the Pig.  2006.

Omelette.  2006.
Leading Questions.  2006.

All volunteer.  2007.

Deadman Speaks a Line of Eluard.  Ink on scratchboard; 2007.

All drawings, unless otherwise noted, brush and ink with wash on illustration board; dimensions variable.

* Both Leading Questions and Deadman Speaks a Line of Eluard ended up in private collections after Sculpture Center, of Long Island City, asked for a donation of artwork for their annual benefit.