Monday, December 29, 2014

Storyboards: Boardwalk Empire, season 4; (part4).

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These boards come from episode 6 of season 4, "The North Star"; directed by Allen Coulter.
Allen reduced the drawings even further, absent the block toning I'd done for the boards of the previous episode.

Below, I wanted to include some frames of shots from this episode which were altered or cut, however which I kinda like as drawings...


Saturday, December 20, 2014

Storyboards: Boardwalk Empire, season 4; (part 3)

These boards come from episode 5, "Black Sedan" season 4. Directed by Tim Van Patten.

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After the experience of working with Tim, (also director of episode 1, where the boards previously posted, below, derive) I was encouraged by the latter to simplify the drawings. I cut the shading and rendering of the frames and supplemented a more graphic, comic-strip approach.  This was a happy bit of direction because the turnaround on these assignments was so fast, any labor saved was welcome.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Storyboards: Boardwalk Empire, season 4. (part 2)

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More boards from episode 1, "New York Sour," season 4; scenes 32 & 33.  Directed by Tim Van Patten

Monday, December 8, 2014

Storyboards: Boardwalk Empire, season 4. (part 1)

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It has been my personal and professional good fortune to have had the opportunity to storyboard for Tim Van Patten on Boardwalk Empire.  Tim approached me early into production on season 4 to do some boarding for Boardwalk.  I was then working as a scenic artist on the show, (and continued to until the end of the show's run this last Fall) when I was able to straddle the infrequent storyboard needs of season 4.

The storyboards published here are for scenes 1 and 2 of episode 1, New York Sour; directed by Tim Van Patten.